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Racket Ricochet Stealth


The original Ricochet - Stealth racket follows the successful Phantom series. It is suitable for all levels of players, from beginners to competitive players. The racket is lightweight, 130 - 135g without padding, balanced lightly to the head. It is particularly suitable for technical play, but dynamic strokes are also possible. Thanks to the appropriate distribution of graphite fabrics in the racket frame, it has a large stable hitting surface - the sweet spot.

It is sold with packaging.

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1 730 CZK
Product code 66
Brand Ricochet
Category Rackets

Material: carbon, graphite

Colour: black

Weight: 130 - 135g

Balance: slightly to the head (255 mm)

Racket knit: Original Ricochet 1.05 mm

Racket is sold with packaging.